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by Ana Aisyiah , at 11:55 AM , have 0 comments
Crackin' the Code (2009)Crackin' the Code (2009)
iMDB Rating: 8.3

Date Released : 15 March 2009

Genre : Comedy

Stars : Audrey Walker, Shawn Cates, Steve Coker, Jon Ashley Hall. Bill finds himself confronted with a choice. Date his best friends ex-wife, or uphold the "Male Code of Conduct" and run the other way." />

Movie Quality : HDrip

Format : MKV

Size : 700 MB

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Bill was never lucky in love. But now a beautiful woman has thrown herself at his feet. The only problem is: She is his best friend's soon-to-be ex wife. Can Bill figure out a way to get the girl without losing his friend? This movie is the first film to explore the unwritten male code of conduct "The Code" which states it isn't cool to date your friends family members, or past girlfriends. A code which has always existed, but has rarely been followed. In this self-proclaimed "Dick Flick" (a film about relationships from the male perspective) we explore the boundaries of friendship and desire.

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Review :

A return to the days of Kevin Smith-esque indie filmmaking

You might get a feeling of deja vu when you watch Crackin the Code, and I don't mean the Denzel movie. You might feel like you've seen this movie before. But you haven't. It hasn't been released yet. But you probably have seen a few movies like it. If you grew up during the hey day of the Golden Age of Indies, you've probably seen Clerks and Swingers. It's obvious that the writer/director got his inspiration from those films. He definitely pays tribute to, but he doesn't bite from those films. The rapid fire dialogue and 80's pop references are reminiscent of Kevin Smith. The jokes and puns come in quantity. Lots of smiles and chuckles. The characters of Travis and Bill are very Randall and Dante.

The male friendships are defined by The Code. Rules that govern how a guy should act under different circumstances in respect to and of his of male friends. While Swingers never actually explicitly talked about "a code", it was obvious how important friendship and brotherhood are to guys in their twenties. In that vain, Crackin, is Swingers-like. Testosterone driven exploits that are always buttressed by male bonds. Even the advice that Travis gives to Bill comes with a tinge of similar Trent and Mike talks about women and life.

Crackin the Code is an ultra low budget film. I hate when filmmakers try to make apologies for their films by saying, "Since we didn't have much money...blah, blah, blah." There are imperfections in any and all films no matter the budget. The ultra-low budget filmmaker needs to make sure that his film's imperfections don't take away from the viewing experience. There are some moments where the ADR was obvious. But the filmmaker doesn't need to apologize for it in this case, because the overall story and character arcs are strong enough to make you look and listen over the technical issues. I enjoy the indies from the 90's. This is definitely a throwback film. Some may feel it's dated. It's definitely not going to be everyone's cup of tea. But for a fun, nostalgic trip down memory lane with a little "can-do" indieness thrown in, this might very well be a movie for you.

Ana Aisyiah
Free Watch Crackin' the Code Online - written by Ana Aisyiah , published at 11:55 AM, categorized as 2009 . And have 0 comments
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